Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gas explsion by E.F

On Friday 31 people were captured in a mine. Lots of people were worried aabout them. Gas explosions are dangerous because the explosion and the gas will kill you. The gas builds up until boom.

Pike River by E.D

Last Friday in Greymouth 29 people died in the Pike River mine because 2 large explosions (caused by gas build up) took place. 2 people survived.

the miners by A.L-B

The youngest was a 17 year old who was so excited to start work. He was supposed to start on the 19th.

Pike River by J.B

On riday there was a tragedy in Greymouth Pike River coal mine. there were two explosions, luckily 2 got out. The explosions were caused by gas build ups.

pike river by O.P

The youngest man was 17. He had to start on Monday but he was so excitied he went over to Greymouth early so he died sadly.

The miners by A.H

Lots of families were in tragedy when they found out what happened. We feel really sad.

Our miners by C.B

I hope they are proud that they have had the courage that they all had. God bless all our miners.

NZ mourns

We wanted to share how sad we are today at the loss of 29 men who died in the Pike River Mine explosion. We talked about it this morning and watched news coverage. It is so sad to think that all of those men won't be coming home. S.C said she couldn't imagine her dad not coming home. We have left a message to all the people in Greymouth and we hope that they can feel happy again some time soon. we have learnt what R.I.P means and we hope that those me do.
All of our love to Greymouth.