Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some space pics for you to look at...

The moon over Botany Downs

This is how the moon looked over Room 21 this morning. Isn't it beautiful!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A very special visit

On Monday afternoon we got to meet Mr Rutherford. His father worked on the Apollo space missions building part of the rocket. He had lots of interesting facts to tell us and he showed us original space badges collected by his father. These badges were given out to the astronauts after each space mission. If you look closely at each the picture on it helps to tell what happened on each flight. We really like the badge with the eagle on it as this is when man first landed on the moon and the famous phrase "the eagle has landed" came from.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour Update

In the weekend it was Earth Hour. We all tried to help our planet by turning off the lights in our houses for one hour. Some of us got to stay up late to see how dark it was. Some of us played games by torch or candle light. Some of us played hide-and-seek with torches or read with a torch. C.S even went out for dinner and saved power at his house. Some of us just went to bed as normal which still helped save power. A lot of us watched the news and saw how other countries turned the lights off big buildings and special places. The lights went out on our sky tower, the opera house, the pyramids and lots of very tall buildings. We all tried to help out and do our bit and Miss Wright is very proud of us for reminding our mums and dads that it was on.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Earth Hour....you can make a difference

To help our planet we can all do our bit by turning everything off for 1 hour on Saturday 27th March. Try reading by torchlight or playing boardgames with Mum and Dad. Perhaps you could go outside and look at the stars......

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mr Hayward shows us how gravity works

Mr Hayward from Room 16 demonstrated how gravity works with this very cool experiment. Don't try this at home or mum may get cross!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We went to the amazing stardome

Today we all got to go to the Stardome obsevatory at One Tree Hill in Auckland. We saw a show called "The Cardboard Rocket" and got to travel through space visiting all the planets in our Solar System.
We learnt lots of exciting things and would like to share some of them with you.
J.B - I learnt that Mars was red because there is iron in the stones and it is rusty
R.T- I thought the rings around Saturn were made out of glass but they are made out of rocks
A.H- The Earth is called the Goldilocks planet because it's "just right"
C.S- There is more planets than there used to be
S.D- Pluto is a tiny dot
C.R- Jupiter is the biggest planet and it is made out of gas
R.Z- Earth is called "goldilocks" because it's not too hot and it's not too cold
E.F- I learnt that some planets have dust around them
I.Y- I learnt that the sun could be very hot and Mercury was closest to the sun so it was very hot
N.L- Mercury is the closest planet to the sun
O.P -The sun is really big and you can't land it and it's really hot
A.P.M- There are three planets called Gas Giants
M.P- The three Gas Giants are made out of gas and have no ground so you can't land on them
E.S- Pluto is not a planet anymore
S.C -Mercury is the closest planet to the sun
J.E -Jupiter has a big red spot which is a storm and one of the planets got tipped on its side
A.L.B- Pluto is smaller than our moon
K.B- Jupiter is covered with storms and is soft, you can't land on it
K.H- You can't land a rocket on Jupiter because it is made out of gas
C.B -You call Earth "goldilocks" because it's just right....not too hot and not too cold
E.D- Jupiter is a planet that is made out of gas
J.K- Jupiter is the biggest planet
Z.M- Jupiter has big red spot that makes a storm and lightning
L.H- There is a storm on Jupiter

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Swimming rocks!!

This yeare we have been really lucky to have professional swimming instructors come to school to help teach us how to swim. They are lots of fun and make learning to swim easy!! We have all learnt lots from them and we will miss them when swimming stops. We love to go swimming now but the water is getting really cold....brrrrrrr

Busy times at Botany Downs

We are very luck at Botany Downs to get two new classrooms. They will be room 22 and 23. The builders have been hard at work and they are coming along quite quickly. The builders have put up the frames. We heard nail guns going BANG BANG BANG. We also saw the builders using a level to make sure it was straight. We think the two new classrooms are going to be awesome.