Friday, July 2, 2010

End of Term

Well we have finished term 2 and wow what a busy time we have had. We hope that you have enjoyed seeing our work and hope that you will come back next term to see what we're up to. Our next topic is about how NZ is such a unique and special country full of amazing culture, food, people and creativity. It is going to be an excellent topic finished off with a marae visit which will be awesome. We will have Miss Jeffries from Salisbury University in our class for 6 weeks which will be great for all of us. Sadly we have had one of our room leave us to head off to China, so we all send a big goodbye and cuddle to M.C-A!! We will miss you but we will keep in touch here on our blog. So have a safe and happy holidays from all of us here in Room 17.
Bye for now...see you in 2 weeks....